Golden Corral Gift Card

Golden Corral gift card is a special offer by the Golden Corral restaurants. These gift cards are purchased and sent to friends, relatives or family as gift vouchers. The gift card is a product of the Golden Corral restaurant , a family style restaurant that offers a large variety of buffets along with grilled chicken, seafood and steaks on its wide menu.

The Golden Corral gift card is used in various occasions such as Christmas presents, congratulations for graduation, weddings, birthday gifts, holiday treats or any other important and special occasion such as mothers and fathers day.

How to Get the Golden Corral Gift Card

Gift cards for Golden Corral can be redeemed at any Golden Corral restaurants at a 14% off. In the restaurants, you can also purchase offline gift cards, discount gift cards, cheap Golden Corral gift cards and gift cards for sale. The Golden Corral gift cards idea is a product of and it is advisable not to purchase gift cards with scrip smarts on them.

Gift cards can be purchased in a range of $5 to 50$, with each gift card having an increment of 5$. The cards are available for sale from the Lumberton Golden corral restaurant and other outlets, or online at the GC official website. In case the offer is used to the maximum level, the gift cards are reloadable at the restaurants outlets.

When ordering the gift cards online, personalization is allowed with special messages through the customization option. The process of ordering a gift card online is very simple. Visit the Golden Corral website and click on the “purchase" gift card icon, then click on the gift and you is done!

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Benefits of the Golden Corral Gift Card

The Golden Corral gift card is used for special offers at the golden corral restaurant. These special offers mainly mean great meals where one chooses from a wide range of different meals such as the:-

  • Breakfast menu: the Golden Corral gift card allows one to have great sunrise breakfast choices such as bacon, scrambled eggs, chocolate chip, blueberry pancakes, harsh browns, corned beef, French toast, cream chip beef, omelets sausage links, gravies, patties and smoked sausages. These delicacies are then accompanied with fresh fruit juices of wide varieties which include: apple, mango, orange, guavas or coffee
  • The Golden Corral lunch and dinner menu: this gift card allows you to have a variety of delicious foods ranging from Asian pork roast, Barbeque pork, Spareribs, buttered fish fillet, burbeque chiken, broccoli and rice, black eyed peas, Brussels sprouts, buttered noodles, Cajun white fish, fish fillet and cheddar cheese sauce among other sumptuous dishes.
  • The healthy choices menu: for the people who check on their calories intake, the golden corral gift card can be utilized with full salads containing low calorie dressing, fresh steam, sugar free desserts and seasonal fruits.
  • Other dishes on the menu that one can purchase using the Golden Corral gift card are the dessert options of fresh yeast rolls, cookies and brownies. The salad bar for the people who prefer light meals and more options on fresh salads, fat free ranch dressing and the coleslaw. The most popular foods are the steak buffets which are all grilled, they include: -sausage, salmon steak, grilled chicken and pork.

Should you need to check on the Golden Corral gift card, just login to the official website or make a phone call to the main office, similarly you may as well drop by any Golden Corral restaurant outlet near you.

Advantages of the Golden Corral Gift Card

The Golden Corral gift card is a ticket to a great experience in one of the best restaurants in America. It is also a great way to save money as one does not have to incur costs from their own pocket, hence no need to worry about the budget. Other advantages include:

  • The card has no expiry date; it's use can wait for as long as the receiver is comfortable to use the card. It is very convenient as the card holder can have their treat whenever they are ready and comfortable.
  • The gift card has a written replacement policy hence in case of theft or misplacement of the original card, their voucher is always replaceable whenever need be. Once the Golden Corral gift card is purchased, the management ensures that in case of misplacement, one does not suffer the loses .This is done by a written agreement to confirm the purchase.
  • They offer free shipping to the receiver of the golden corral gift card; therefore it saves on unnecessary expenses. Once you buy the golden corral card of your choice, it is sent to your state and area of residence with no expenses incurred by the buyer.
  • The Golden Corral restaurants offer online or direct office calling for checking the gift card balance. This is very convenient to customers. This customer care service helps customers know how much balance they have left thus, they can be able to top up at their own convenience.
  • The gift cards are redeemable and reloadable whenever the need be. This can be done in various stores across the country as well as online. The Golden Corral gift card is redeemable in whatever state one is by subscribing for another card, furthermore the cards are reloadable by adding more money through subscription of the amount that one desires.
  • The gift card is purchasable in a wide range of prices hence it checks on all levels of consumers due to their affordability. The prices range from 5$ to 50$ with an increment of 5$ in each golden corral gift card consequently, even low level income earners are not discriminated against enjoying the great meals offered at the Golden Corral restaurant.

The Golden Corral gift cards can be found in any of the Golden Corral locations .

Tips When Getting a Golden Corral Gift Card

There are several methods of saving some cash on the Golden Corral gift card expenses, when on the endeavor of treating your family or friends for a sumptuous meal at the golden corral restaurant. The following are some of the tips you should consider:-

  1. One way is by taking advantage of the slow times and low sales season when the restaurant is running special treats so as to attract more customers. Some GC restaurants offer “early bird specials" for the people who wish to take dinner earlier than usual. The managers of Golden Corral restaurants are always happy to receive and attract more customers through such means.
  2. The Golden Corral gift card also offers an opportunity for a Price break on new menus .This is because they want to attract new customers as well as maintain and take feedback on the new meals so as to gauge if they will be offered on a full basis. The Golden Corral gift cards aid in saving expenses in such instances while being served with great meals.
  3. The GC gift card gives a direct pass to golden corral coupons which are readily available, and have a very great value. This gift card helps save a lot of money too.

To maximize the use of the golden corral gift card, it is advisable to start by determining a budget either weekly or on a monthly basis for your golden corral restaurant expenditure. The budget range should depend on the quantity of the people included and how the golden corral restaurant's foods are planned. The Golden Corral restaurants are less expensive when using the GC gift card, so it will help in coming up with a good budget plan. The gift card helps reduce non-essential residence expenses since it frees up all the grocery and food expenses.

Did You Know You Could Actually Get a Golden Corral Gift Card for Free?

If having a great meal at Golden Corral restaurant is something you would really love, you can get a free gift card. All you need to do is register with them; the registration however is usually open for a limited time frame. To beat this time frame, make an early registration for the free golden coral gift cards moreover, make a follow-up visit to know when you may collect your free gift card.

The best advantage of a gift card is that a customer can pay for the card after using it to redeem a product. For one to earn a GC gift card ,all you needed to do is to fill in some minor details such as name, age, location and family details, then be ready to claim your golden corral gift card.

What we like:

  • Never expires, No hidden fees
  • Has a written gift card replacement policy
  • Free shipping
  • Obtain balance online, in-store or by calling - 1-800-803-1222
  • Redeemable in-store
  • Reloadable
  • Redeemable at in-store all locations
  • Purchase in amounts between $5 and $50

What could be better:

  • No expiration or fee detail on website
  • Missing scratch off security
  • Not redeemable for cash unless required by law
  • No Gift Card Terms webpage
  • No Gift Card FAQ webpage
  • Not refundable for cash or credit

Helpful Links:

Gift Card Replacement

Lost or stolen gift cards may be replaced with the card number (use the contact information below for guidance).

Gift Card Resources

Support Hotline: 1-877-332-8701
GC Gift Card Balance Inquiry Number: 1-800-803-1222
Official Contact Form

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